On 17/02, a talk will be held with Paul Vandenbroeck, curator of the Borderline exhibition at the Palais des Beaux-arts in Brussels in 2000 and of the publication Azetta, the art of Berber women, on occasion of the exhibition Rouge Bleu, Word of matter.

This meeting will be introduced by Denise Biernaux, curator of the exhibition and director of the Contemporary Art Center Les Drapiers.

Rouge Bleu, Word of Matter is a major exhibition dedicated to one of the central elements of Berber and more particularly Tunisian culture: the bakhnoug. This monochrome textile – often red or blue – accompanies women throughout their lives. These bakhnougs dialogue here with other works: the almost monochrome free canvases crossed by anagrams heavy with meaning by Pol Pierart, but also the work of Jean-Luc Petit who piles up limestone stones from the Meuse extracted from a quarry marked by time and man.

For those who wish to see the exhibition before the conference, it will be accessible from 2 p.m.

More information about the talk or the exhibition can be found here.