On 22 October the exhibition ‘Imagining the Universe’ opens in M ​​Leuven as part of the KNAL! city festival.

This exhibition, created by Jan Van der Stock and the Illuminare team, is based on man’s amazement about the cosmos and how it is reflected in the visual arts and way of thinking up to the 18th century. A symbolic introduction to human fascination with the universe is followed in the exhibition by various answers formulated in the course of history to fundamental questions about our origin. The focus is on the Middle Ages and the early modern period.

The University Library presents the follow-up exhibition ‘To the Edge of Time’, curated by theoretical physicist Thomas Hertog (KU Leuven) and London curator Hannah Redler Hawes in collaboration with Annelies Vogels. This exhibition starts from the groundbreaking scientific research of Professor Georges Lemaître, who formulated the theory of the big bang in Leuven in the early 20th century. In the context of both exhibitions, Hannibal Books will publish the book ‘Big Bang. The Imagination of the Universe’, with texts by Barbara Baert, Thomas Hertog, Jan Van der Stock and the Illuminare team.

Both exhibitions run until January 16, 2022.